McTear's Auctioneers


Starts: Friday, 4 June 2010 at 10:30 AM
Ends: Friday, 4 June 2010 at 10:30 AM

Home & Interiors auctions are collective sales of chattels from the 19th century onwards. Each auction will typically consist of 50-80 lots of jewellery, 50-80 lots of silver and silver plate, 200-300 lots of ceramics, glass and objects of art, 40-50 lots of pictures and 100-150 lots of furniture.

1 Not Available £15 Radford's jug, figure ornament, Carlton biscuit barrel, Art Deco jug, Nautilus, Cauldon, Oriental wares, etc. (1 tray)
2 Not Available £15 Collection of figure and china Gouda ornaments, Continental ceramics, Oriental wares, etc. (1 tray)
3 Not Available £5 Lot of various glassware (2 boxes)
4 Not Available £30 Lot of tea / dinner ware, ceramics, etc. (4 boxes)
5 Not Available £3 Lot of various tea china, Rosina, etc.
6 Not Available £5 Tray of miscellaneous china, cow creamer, Wade Whimsies, thimbles, etc (1 tray), plus a reproduction coaching lamp
7 Not Available £3 Brewery memorabilia including Bell's ice bucket, Tennents lager condiment, Glenlivet ashtray, etc. (1 tray)
8 Not Available £8 Decorative eight day wall clock, stoneware pig, photograph frame etc.
9 Not Available £30 Interesting collection of Scottish and other nautical maps
10 Not Available £1 Peter L.May, Tutankhammen Funerary Mask, and Pyramids at Giza, Cairo, two signed photographic prints, and three Egyptian pictures (5)
11 Not Available £10 Pair of bisque figures, pair of Satsuma vases and other china and collectables (1 tray)
12 Not Available £8 Lot of various china (1 box)
13 Not Available £100 Lot of loose etchings, engravings and prints
14 Not Available Unsold Lot of auction books (2 boxes)
15 Not Available £10 Lot of various stamps (1 box)
16 Not Available £12 Lot of vinyl records
17 Not Available £20 Lot of various books (1 box)
18 Not Available £28 Lot of picture frames
19 Not Available £5 Cherub decorated wall mask and various sundries (1 box)
20 Not Available £20 The Scottish Football League List of Fixtures and Rules 1960s - 2005, 1 box. See also lot 210.
21 Not Available £25 Scottish Football League Review books 1980/90s. See lot 210
22 Not Available £20 Bulletin Official de L'UEFA 1970/80s, FIFA News, and various period and other British and European Football books and magazines, 1 box. See lot 210
23 Not Available £40 Collection of various football match programmes, 1980/90s. See lot 210
24 Not Available £10 Box of sundry china and collectables including Adams, Oriental, etc.
25 Not Available £5 Box of sundry china and bric-a-brac
26 Not Available £30 Suitcase of miscellaneous bric-a-brac
27 Not Available £3 Collection of sundry prints
28 Not Available £5 Quantity of Michael Jackson posters
29 Not Available £3 Box of football programmes, etc., European etc.
30 Not Available £5 Box of comics, Beano, Roy of the Rovers, etc.
31 Not Available Unsold Collection of old rulers and pens
32 Not Available £25 Box of bric-a-brac and sundries
33 Not Available £10 Lot of pattern makers brass sand moulding tools (1 box)
34 Not Available £15 Morse Code device, Victorian hand embosser, slicer, two brass Highland figures, etc. (1 box)
35 Not Available Unsold Lot of various prints (2 boxes)
36 Not Available Unsold Lot of various prints (2 boxes)
37 Not Available £5 Lot of tea china (1 tray)
38 Not Available £10 Film Parade and similar books, circa 1950s (4)
39 Not Available £2 Collection of LOOK magazines, circa 1950s, and various Car magazines
40 Not Available £36 Collection of The Saturday Evening Post magazines, 1930s - 50s
41 Not Available £35 Collection of LIFE magazines, 1930s - 60s
42 Not Available £3 Three glazed stoneware pigs
43 Not Available £20 Lot of Broons and Oor Wullie annuals in a travel bag and a framed print
44 Not Available £5 Collection of flower potraits - various plates edited by Eva Mannering; a nineteenth century coloured engraving; and a signed engraving of St David's Bothwell (3)
45 Not Available £10 Woodstock manual typewriter
46 Not Available £5 Box of bric-a-brac including mantel clock (1 box)
47 Not Available £20 Lot of table linen
48 Not Available Unsold - 53 No lots
54 Not Available £10 Silver Art Nouveau style pin dish and contents; and 1950s pearl effect hair clip
55 Not Available £35 Nine carat gold gentleman's blue stone set dress ring
56 Not Available £40 Collection of costume jewellery including sets of gold and gem set earrings - various designs and other sundry costume jewellery
57 Not Available Unsold Nine carat gold diamond set brooch, the centre diamond in scroll setting
58 Not Available £5 Collection of costume jewellery
59 Not Available £18 Collection of costume jewellery (in Chinese red lacqered box)
60 Not Available Unsold - 65 No Lots
66 Not Available £28 Lot of various boxed jewellery
67 Not Available Unsold Derby Fishing Company Five Dollars (New York) cheque, signed and dated 1808
68 Not Available £45 Elgin silver cased half hunter pocket watch
69 Not Available £22 Quantity of miscellaneous costume jewellery including amethyst stone, John Lennon style glasses, chains, etc.
70 Not Available £20 Emerald and diamond set ring in nine carat gold
71 Not Available £32 Turquoise and seed pearl set dress ring in nine carat gold
72 Not Available £15 Miscellaneous costume jewellery (2 boxes)
73 Not Available £45 Victorian silver cased fob watch, period bangles, lorgnettes and later jewellery, 1 box
74 Not Available £10 Three WWII medals with ribbons
75 Not Available £90 Victorian ruby and seed pearl bangle, and a period fifteen carat gold gem set ring (2)
76 Not Available £12 Lot of modern boxed chains, brooches and pendants
77 Not Available £70 Large lot of modern boxed watches and wristwatches
78 Not Available £25 Lot of costume and rolled gold jewellery in jewellery box
79 Not Available £10 Lot of costume jewellery (1 box)
80 Not Available £20 Cameo dress ring set in nine carat gold
81 Not Available Unsold - 124 No Lots
125 Not Available £30 Plated toast rack, napkin rings, salt cellars and loose cutlery
126 Not Available £40 Lot of plated wares, water pot, entree dishes, piquot pots, etc.
127 Not Available £10 Pair of mother of pearl handled butter knives in case and six silver golfing spoons
128 Not Available £5 Two jewellery boxes, one in the form of a post box and a quantity of plated cutlery, etc.
129 Not Available £15 Plated tea set, two plated tea pots and a plated condiment
130 Not Available £5 Lot of cased cutlery
131 Not Available £5 Lot of various silver plated ware and cutlery (1 box)
132 Not Available £40 Silver plated tea set, 4 pieces; and a serving tray (5)
133 Not Available £10 Boxed set of Country Meadows silver plated and porcelain teaspoons and cake forks; and twelve liqueur glasses
134 Not Available £10 Set of twelve silver plated teaspoons and tongs in case
135 Not Available Unsold Continental fruit set, 15 pieces, transfer printed with a variety of fruit; and a two handled platter transfer printed with floral motifs
136 Not Available Unsold Victorian Bristol blue glass sugar and cream inscribed in gilt 'Love and Unity' (2)
137 Not Available £25 Lot of plated wares, tureen, two cake baskets, tray, egg cruets, carving set in case, silver spoon in case, etc.
138 Not Available £10 Pair of blue glass vases, ashtrays and bowl (5)
139 Not Available £10 Three Murano glass clowns and bird ornament (4)
140 Not Available Unsold Art Deco Carlton dish, dog and flower ornaments and a pink lustre planter (4)
141 Not Available £5 Hancocks lustre bowl, large fruit bowl and a vase with enamel decoration (3)
142 Not Available £15 Mother of pearl fan and another; and loose cutlery and napkin rings (1 tray)
143 Not Available £75 Lot of silver spoons, small silver mounted hand mirror, silver pill box, etc.
144 Not Available £30 Canteen of cutlery in fitted oak case
145 Not Available £5 Lot of cased and loose cutlery
146 Not Available Unsold No Lot
147 Not Available £80 Victorian plated circular tray, fluted bowl and a pair of plated Corinthian candlesticks (4)
148 Not Available £20 Silver rimmed crystal bowl
149 Not Available £70 Collection of various stamps - Worldwide in albums
150 Not Available £25 Collection of Art Nouveau glass, etc. including paperweights
151 Not Available £5 Quantity of mother of pearl table settings and other mother of pearl items
152 Not Available £28 Framed 'Antiques' room setting
153 Not Available £15 1920s dog group pomander
154 Not Available £20 Retro two handled Oriental jardiniere
155 Not Available £35 Collection of Hornby Dublo, Tri-ang and other model railway items and accessories (1 box)
156 Not Available £15 Set of seven Royal Doulton 'Malvern' dinner plates
157 Not Available £10 Art Deco Carlton Ware angular shaped dish, pattern 5671; and a Carlton yellow glazed 'Lily Pad' bowl (2)
158 Not Available Unsold Three Carlton ware items - Jar and cover with exotic birds panels on blue ground, Art Deco Rouge Royale ashtray and leaf dish (3)
159 Not Available £8 Plated tea service, 3 pieces and a tray (4)
160 Not Available £25 Carlton Ware 'Pheasant' condiment set
161 Not Available £40 Lot of Crystal wares, decanter, biscuit barrel, pickle jar etc
162 Not Available £5 Studio pottery vase, named to base
163 Not Available £15 Three crystal decanters and various crystal glasses etc.,
164 Not Available Unsold Swiss made violin and bow in case, circa 1900
165 Not Available Unsold Royal Doulton tea set - 'Pastorale' pattern
166 Not Available £20 Oak serving tray, circa 1920
167 Not Available £15 Two oak mantel clocks
168 Not Available £65 Royal Albert floral china tea set, 39 pieces
169 Not Available £20 Two Barbola mantel mirrors, Empire Exhibition 1938 tin, another; and brass ornaments, etc.
170 Not Available £5 Victorian tea for two tea set and a Paragon china tea set, 20 pieces
171 Not Available £10 Lattice glass shoe ornaments, 1937 Coronation tumbler and a glass bird (3)
172 Not Available £20 Smiths mantel clock, oak mantel clock and another (3)
173 Not Available Unsold Floral china tea set, 34 pieces
174 Not Available £5 Folding camera, two pairs of field glasses and an Ilford camera in case (4)
175 Not Available £5 Sylvac chutney pot with lid, Crown Devon dish, Shorter dish, Commemorative plate and other decorative china
176 Not Available £10 Royal Winton vase, Mason's jug, Wedgwood Jasperware dish, enamel vases and various decorative china
177 Not Available £30 Carlton Ware dish, Kensington dish, Sylvac and other decorative china
178 Not Available £12 Four Shorter & Son Ltd floral relief decorated bowls (4)
179 Not Available £5 Five Liliput Lane house ornaments
180 Not Available £35 Lot of silver overlaid glassware and wine glasses
181 Not Available £12 Lot of crystal and glasswares
182 Not Available £20 Noritake gilt decorated coffee set, 13 pieces
183 Not Available Unsold No Lot
184 Not Available £20 Pair of pottery Wally dog figures
185 Not Available £25 Cast iron cauldron
186 Not Available £15 Pair of cloisonne vases, oriental figure, Oriental vase and dish (5)
187 Not Available £35 Tuscan china tea set, 38 pieces
188 Not Available £5 Portmeirion coffee set, 14 pieces
189 Not Available Unsold Two part china tea sets, 39 pieces
190 Not Available Unsold Three gilt table lamps with shades
191 Not Available £25 Art Nouveau copper planter and various brass items and ornaments
192 Not Available Unsold Four studio pottery vases
193 Not Available Unsold Plaster figural statuette
194 Not Available £10 Eastern brass tea caddy and a reproduction bust ornament
195 Not Available £20 Bristol blue glass decanter
196 Not Available £30 Grosvenor china 'Ye Olde English' tea set, 37 pieces
197 Not Available £20 Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' coffee set, 15 pieces
198 Not Available £12 Royal Commemorative mugs, ceramics, crystal, etc. book
199 Not Available £10 Reproduction Chinese Kitani bowl on stand; and a vase
200 Not Available £130 Lladro figure ornament with mule
201 Not Available £35 Three etched glass decanters, a similar water jug and four glasses (7)
202 Not Available £20 Large lot of crystal wares, vases, glasses, bowls, etc.
203 Not Available £50 Pair of Capo di Monte figures and a pair of Capo di Monte vases with covers (4)
204 Not Available £65 Hammersley china figure, pair of Continental statuettes, pair of Italian cavalier figures, etc. (7)
205 Not Available £5 Lot of onyx ornaments
206 Not Available £5 Hancocks pottery jug and studio wares (1 tray)
207 Not Available £55 Lot of miniature china, Satsuma, Eastern boxes, china bird figures, etc. (1 tray)
208 Not Available £20 Ronson table lighter in box, tape measure, glove stretchers, etc. (1 tray)
209 Not Available £15 Brass 'dog' door stop and a brass bust of a horse (2)
210 Not Available Unsold Mr.David Letham, Queen's Park Football Club, collection of documents, letters, match programmes, etc., 1960s - 2000. Note : see also lots 20, 21, 22, 23 and 211
211 Not Available £35 Collection of Football Club pennants, keyrings, match programmes (CIS, Tennents Cup Finals) with match tickets, 1 box. See lot 210
212 Not Available £15 Decorative rifle with brass mounts; and reproduction sword and scabbard
213 Not Available £10 Table lamp with Egyptian figure decoration
214 Not Available £70 Brass and onyx oil lamp converted
215 Not Available £15 Lot of ivory and carved bone items
216 Not Available £12 Moores spill vase (damaged)
217 Not Available £90 Three pewter boxes and a pewter jar with cover (4)
218 Not Available £10 Eastern brass wall plaque, copper wall plaque and two ornaments (4)
219 Not Available £45 Oriental oak framed embroidery
220 Not Available £170 Art Deco harlequin figure study on marble base
221 Not Available £100 Art Deco face mask of young woman and carved wooden figural study (2)
222 Not Available £25 Art Deco tray, trinket box, 1920s plaster figure and mother of pearl centre piece (4)
223 Not Available £10 Eagle table lamp with chromium fittings
224 Not Available £20 WWII British Naval gun site section 'No.43 x 3L MKI.S.' from 'H.M.S. Frobisher', with photograph
225 Not Available £20 Brass roller rule for map by Stanley, London; and another map measuring device, both with wooden cases, the latter named 'Captain McNeil'
226 Not Available £12 Mediterranean stringed musical instrument with case
227 Not Available £5 Vintage continental door lock panel
228 Not Available £8 Lot of various model vehicles, including Matchbox and Corgi (1 box)
229 Not Available £5 Collection of crystal glasses, crystal dressing table set, etc.
230 Not Available £75 Wegdwood Susie Cooper Design Glen Mist dinner / tea set, 70pcs, and a set of Royal Worcester place mats
231 Not Available £15 Picquot Ware tea set, 3 pieces
232 Not Available £10 Carlton Ware Bleu Royale comport
233 Not Available £35 Large cut glass plate mounted jug, glassware, ceramics, etc.
234 Not Available £10 Hancock & Sons Corona ware dinner set, approximately 54 pieces
235 Not Available £40 Plant Tuscan china tea set, approximately 38 pieces
236 Not Available £10 Wedgwood green glazed bowl and other china including Aynsley
237 Not Available £10 Lot of Masons 'Strathmore' tea china, 13 pieces
238 Not Available £10 Booths Willow pattern coffee set, 14 pieces
239 Not Available £5 Lot of crystal glasses (1 tray)
240 Not Available £10 Barbola mantel mirror, elephant group, pair of cloisonne vases and collectables
241 Not Available £5 Paragon 'Holyrood' china tea set, 20 pieces
242 Not Available £15 Two cut glass decanters, set of eight crystal glasses and two other sets, 20 pieces
243 Not Available £20 Two crystal jugs and a crystal bowl (3)
244 Not Available £10 Japanese lacquered and mother of pearl wall plaque
245 Not Available £10 Nao statuettes and Spanish statuettes
246 Not Available £15 Two Lladro figures
247 Not Available £20 Four crystal vases, crystal jug and two crystal bowls (7)
248 Not Available £5 Royal Albert floral china tea set, two Royal Doulton dishes and other china dishes
249 Not Available £15 Limoges trefoil dish
250 Not Available £50 Hammersley floral china tea set, 27 pieces
251 Not Available £10 Small flintlock style pistol
252 Not Available £5 Boxed Royal Worcester and Wedgwood pin dishes and tea china
253 Not Available £10 Two crystal decanters, crystal cruet bottle and crystal glasses
254 Not Available £5 Pair of brass candlesticks and various brass ornaments
255 Not Available £30 Collection of Theatrical postcards, early 20th century, 1 box
256 Not Available £18 Victorian table magnifying glass
257 Not Available £5 Victorian ivory folding rule, wooden example by J.Rabone, rules and drawing instruments
258 Not Available £5 Crocodile skin clutch bag
259 Not Available Unsold Edwardian "Korden" Counter Patent pressure meter with fitted case, two folding cameras and a vintage Correntator pocket calculator (4)
260 Not Available £48 Meissen porcelain dish with relief moulded and gilt floral decoration
261 Not Available £25 Hohner harmonica in fitted case
262 Not Available £12 Chromium centrepiece with figure mascot finial, plated cake stand and two bread baskets and a brass bell ornament
263 Not Available £5 Nao statuette and two Spanish figures (3)
264 Not Available £10 Lladro figure - 'Sport Billy'
265 Not Available £3 Spanish clown figure
266 Not Available £87 Description of Aberdeen 1661 - an illustrated book; 'Scotland and the Scotch'; and Burns complete works (3)
267 Not Available £22 Mahogany tea caddy, oak bound biscuit barrel and plated sugar helmet, etc.
268 Not Available £70 Foley china tea set, 38 pieces
269 Not Available £38 Novelty biscuit box modelled as a car, china egg cruet and various china
270 Not Available £8 Two crystal decanters
271 Not Available £15 Army helmet
272 Not Available Unsold - 325 No Lots
326 Not Available £10 Glasgow Cathedral watercolour and Christine Isherwood, Long Tailed Tits in Wild Cherry oil painting (2)
327 Not Available £45 Mortimer Menpes, Benares, etching, signed, 24.5cm x 29cm
328 Not Available £48 Martin Lanterman, Roses, oil on canvas, 39cm x 49cm
329 Not Available £42 Hunter, Geronimo, oil on canvas, 59cm x 44cm
330 Not Available £60 Eric Huntley R S W gouaches - August Flowering - Roses and Lane to Whiteadder (2)
331 Not Available £50 Robert Hardie Condie, Autumn, Glenesk, Angus, watercolour, signed, 30cm x 40cm
332 Not Available Unsold Margarette De-Courcy Lewthwaite Dewar, Split Dalmation, Jugoslavia, watercolour, signed, August 1937, 36cm x 41.5cm
333 Not Available Unsold Nineteenth century Continental School, The Melodian Player, watercolour, 47cm x 32cm
334 Not Available Unsold After Hyacinthe R. Rigaud, Royal Male Portrait in 18th Century costume, oil on canvas, 28cm x 22cm
335 Not Available Unsold J. Murrie, Loch Eck, watercolour, signed, 24.5cm x 34.5cm
336 Not Available Unsold J. B. McNicol, Neidpath Castle, Peebles, and Woodland Scene, watercolours, with details to verso, 20.5cm x 25cm
337 Not Available £20 English School, Study of Pheasants, oil on canvas, monogrammed DJ and dated 1883, 24cm x 35cm
338 Not Available Unsold G. M. Avondale, Elizabeth Castle St.Helier, Jersey, and Mont Orgveil Gorey, Jersey, watercolours, a pair, signed, 15cm x 27.5cm
339 Not Available £40 English School, 20th century, Study of the SS Wiston, the single funnel vessel against a coastal backdrop, watercolour and gouache, 42cm x 64cm
340 Not Available Unsold H. T. Wyse, Pair of landscape scenes, one with figures by water; the other with cattle and herder watercolour, 24cm x 45.5cm
341 Not Available Unsold E. Ferris, Pair of rural landscape scenes, watercolour, 24cm x 34cm
342 Not Available £35 Collection of seven fashion prints and Bamford style classical scene print (2)
343 Not Available Unsold English School, 19th century, Castle and Figures in River Landscape, oil on canvas, 40.5cm x 51cm
344 Not Available Unsold F Singer, Battle of Trafalgar, oil on canvas, 60cm x 120cm
345 Not Available Unsold British School, Figures On A Coastal Mountain Path, mixed media, circa 1900, 29cm x 48.5cm
346 Not Available Unsold Scottish School, Coastal View, pastel, unsigned, 22cm x 38cm
347 Not Available Unsold R Sharp, Portrait of a Young Woman with bobbed hair, oil on canvas, signed and dated 24, 50cm x 40cm
348 Not Available Unsold Alexander Stuart Boyd, Portrait of a Victorian Gentleman (from a photograph taken about 1855), watercolour, initialled 'A S B' and dated 1913, 30cm x 22.5cm
349 Not Available £10 Reproduction Egyptian papyrus in frame
350 Not Available £30 Large engraving in a gilt frame; and two smaller engravings (3)
351 Not Available Unsold Italian School oil in gilt frame; and two small seascape prints (3)
352 Not Available £10 Four military prints
353 Not Available £25 Pair of equestrian scene prints on glass
354 Not Available £5 Marc - watercolour Cottage scene, signed and framed
355 Not Available £10 Pair of Victorian figure study photographs under glass, Printed by Ullman & USA
356 Not Available Unsold Four decorative figure and street scene prints
357 Not Available £80 Oriental watercolour of monkeys, Japanese block print of a geisha and a pair of Japanese embroidered pictures (4)
358 Not Available £15 Small triptych in a gilt frame, gilt framed embroidery of horse and carriage and three others (5)
359 Not Available £15 Remoir oleograph of two girls, in gilt frame
360 Not Available Unsold Signed etching of a coastal town
361 Not Available £10 Ian McLennan Scott, Arran from Scappel, watercolour
362 Not Available £15 Charles Gerhart, Still Life Study, watercolour
363 Not Available Unsold Mary C A Edmond, Horse Market Stirling, pastel
364 Not Available Unsold Webb, untitled block print, signed
365 Not Available Unsold - 376 No Lots
377 Not Available £10 Mahogany card table
378 Not Available £20 Mahogany demi lune sideboard
379 Not Available £20 1920s oak lap desk, Arts and Crafts planter, oak side table with undertier and a wine table (4)
380 Not Available £5 Mottled glass light shade
381 Not Available £10 Fishing boats at moorings oil on board
382 Not Available £10 Two coloured prints - Jim Nicholson signed print of Iona and Figures on west of Ireland Beach
383 Not Available £8 Persian woollen prayer mat
384 Not Available £30 Hannah Frank - Art Deco poster in decorative frame
385 Not Available £5 Framed pair of celebrity black and white photographs - Harry H Corbett, Joan Sims and Lee Marvin
386 Not Available Unsold 1940s carved oak hall chair with spiral twist supports, 49cm wide
387 Not Available £20 Nineteenth century mahogany five drawer bedside cabinet, 36.5cm wide
388 Not Available Unsold Nineteenth century carved oak plate rack carved with swan finials, 100cm wide
389 Not Available Unsold Nineteenth century carved oak Welsh dresser richly carved overall with figure and fern decoration, 139cm wide
390 Not Available £18 Mahogany piano stool
391 Not Available Unsold Modern boardroom table with six leather effect chairs (7)
392 Not Available Unsold Mahogany double door wardrobe
393 Not Available Unsold Mahogany coffee table, dining chair and stool (3)
394 Not Available Unsold 1930s Challon upright piano
395 Not Available £5 Barbola wall mirror
396 Not Available Unsold Mahogany oval dressing mirror
397 Not Available £100 Collard and Collard baby grand piano
398 Not Available £10 Four mahogany bedroom chairs
399 Not Available £10 Two mahogany wine tables
400 Not Available £10 Mahogany floor lamp
401 Not Available £30 Pair of mahogany Sutherland tables
402 Not Available Unsold Mahogany double door wardrobe, cupboard chest and stool (3)
403 Not Available £5 Mahogany framed wall mirror
404 Not Available £30 1930s oak dining room suite, 6 pieces
405 Not Available £35 Two bergere chairs on ball and claw feet
406 Not Available Unsold Edwardian mahogany swing mirror dressing table
407 Not Available Unsold Mahogany china cabinet
408 Not Available £70 Oak hall seat
409 Not Available £130 Mobility scooter
410 Not Available £35 Mahogany piano stool
411 Not Available £5 Smoker's stand, box containing records and a side table (3)
412 Not Available £10 Two unframed wall mirrors
413 Not Available £5 Bobbin twist bedroom chair
414 Not Available £10 Walnut cupboard chest and a nest of tables (2)
415 Not Available £15 Oak open bookcase
416 Not Available £5 Mahogany open bookcase cupboard
417 Not Available Unsold Pair of oak dining chairs
418 Not Available £100 Four fireside armchairs, two with stools (6)
419 Not Available £20 Two sewing cabinets, CD rack and bedside table (4)
420 Not Available £70 Two display cases
421 Not Available £10 Pub mirror
422 Not Available £15 Mahogany writing bureau
423 Not Available £5 Pottery stick stand modelled as a vase
424 Not Available £45 Pine blanket box
425 Not Available £45 Writing desk of small form with tambour shutter
426 Not Available £40 Ercol nest of three tables
427 Not Available £95 Blonde Ercol nest of three tables
428 Not Available £130 Ercol drop leaf dining table with six chairs
429 Not Available £75 Reproduction ship's wheel
430 Not Available £25 Oak table canteen of cutlery
431 Not Available £65 Oak and brass bound cylinder shaped stick stand with walking and shooting sticks
432 Not Available £30 Teak nest of four tables
433 Not Available £12 Pair of gilt and marble topped lamp tables
434 Not Available £15 Large wicker chair, painted rocking chair, camel stool, etc. (5)
435 Not Available £45 Red leather settee with matching armchair (2)
436 Not Available £5 Two framed mirrors, one with Art Nouveau style gilt and painted decoration (2)
437 Not Available £60 Marble square top coffee table on square support
438 Not Available £5 1970s retro metal and glass display stand
439 Not Available £35 Colourful Eastern carpet with geometric design, 170cm x 145cm
440 Not Available £35 Iranian Shiraz wool carpet, with bird and geometric design, 170cm x 112cm
441 Not Available £40 Travel trunk with Cunard Liner label containing linen
442 Not Available Unsold Pair of oak dining chairs and a table (3)
443 Not Available Unsold Edwardian mahogany bedroom chair and another (2)
444 Not Available £70 Mahogany two door wardrobe
445 Not Available £45 Victorian mahogany ogee chest
446 Not Available £12 Suitcase
447 Not Available £8 Three wooden filing cabinets
447A Not Available £8 Three wooden filing cabinets
447B Not Available £10 Three wooden filing cabinets
448 Not Available £10 Two wooden filing cabinets
448A Not Available £15 Two wooden filing cabinets
448B Not Available £22 Two wooden filing cabinets
448C Not Available £15 Two wooden filing cabinets
448D Not Available £10 Two wooden filing cabinets
449 Not Available £20 Two wooden filing cabinets
449A Not Available £15 Two wooden filing cabinets
449B Not Available £10 Three wooden filing cabinets
450 Not Available £10 Two wooden filing cabinets
450A Not Available £10 Two wooden filing cabinets
450B Not Available £10 Two wooden filing cabinets
451 Not Available £130 Four blue fabric reception tub chairs
452 Not Available Unsold Three swivel office chairs
453 Not Available Unsold Three swivel office chairs
454 Not Available Unsold Three swivel office chairs
455 Not Available Unsold Three swivel office chairs
456 Not Available £45 Black leather and chromium chair
457 Not Available £50 Black leather and chromium chair
458 Not Available £40 Black leather and chromium chair
459 Not Available £45 Black leather and chromium chair
460 Not Available £50 Black leather and chromium chair
461 Not Available £45 Black leather and chromium chair
462 Not Available £50 Black leather and chromium chair
463 Not Available £45 Black leather and chromium chair
464 Not Available £50 Black leather and chromium chair
465 Not Available £50 Black leather and chromium chair
466 Not Available £45 Black leather and chromium chair
467 Not Available £40 Black leather and chromium chair
468 Not Available £45 Black leather and chromium chair
469 Not Available £40 Black leather and chromium chair
470 Not Available £40 Black leather and chromium chair
471 Not Available Unsold Oak kneehole desk
472 Not Available Unsold Leather office chair
473 Not Available £30 Stag minstrel dresser
474 Not Available Unsold Stag minstrel dresser
475 Not Available £40 Stag writing bureau
476 Not Available £30 Carved oak display cabinet
477 Not Available £50 Oak panelled double door wardrobe
478 Not Available £220 Oak Jacobean style chest of drawers
479 Not Available £10 Art Nouveau fire canopy
480 Not Available £20 Mahogany display cabinet on a cupboard base