Robert Burns Comes to Auction in Glasgow

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Posted on: 16 June 2014
Robert Burns Comes to Auction in Glasgow It’s the Great Man Himself!

Robert Burn's is famous throughout the world and there are many portraits and representations of him in countless places. But how often does a truly iconic sculpture such as lot 325 appear?

Not very often is the answer. This bronze by George Anderson Lawson (1832 -1904) was unveiled in 1891 as universally proclaimed instantly as the finest representation of Burns ever sculpted. It has been reproduced and put in municipal spaces in Melbourne, Detroit, Vancouver not to mention the Burn Statue Square in Ayr.

So why the fuss? This representation is of Burns in an informal pose, and it is by no means severe or serious. Lawson (1832 - 1904), was associated with the New Sculpture Movement, a movement which reacted to the prevailing neoclassicism of the 3rd  uater of the 19th century, favouring a more naturalistic approach to subjects. Thus, the sculpure reflects a serious attempt to move  way from neoclassicism.

Lawson was well regarded and was commisioned for many civic projects, one of the better known is Wellington's column in  Liverpool.

Hopefully, this large size bronze will surpass expectations, as it would grace any museum or home. Will Rabbie stay at home? Only time will tell...

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