Modern, Period & Antique Jewellery

Modern, Period & Antique Jewellery

Date: Thu, 11th Aug 2022 12:30
Lots: 110

The Jewellery Auction featured modern, period and antique jewellery for all tastes.

With many different styles of jewellery, there were many options to explore to find the perfect piece. Items such as a contemporary diamond ring with a multitude of bezel set diamonds, dainty daisy cluster earrings and diamond pendants were all featured in this summer auction.

A beautiful and unusual morganite and diamond pendant was included. The pastel pinky peach stone complimented by the bright diamonds surrounding it, which could also be said for a pair of bright peridot and diamond stud earrings.

Jewellery Auctions are held every three weeks and further entries are invited for the next jewellery auction on 2nd September. For a complimentary, no-obligation valuation, make an appointment to visit our Glasgow Galleries, contact our specialists by clicking this link and completing the short form, or call us on 0141 810 2880.