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Lot 1016 (Rare & Collectable Whisky, 6th July 2018)

Sold for £2,200


SPRINGBANK DOOR GODS Zhong Kui is one of the many gods in Chinese folklore, and with a distinctive black face as well as round eyes and a long beard he is instantly recognisable. Known as the 'Saint Guardian of the House', his portrait is hung on the wall to protect the house and the family within from evil spirits. Although Zhong Kui looks very cruel, he is actually well educated, talented and honest. In Taoism, he is the only god who responds to all requests from those who seek help, as well as being a symbolic character of luck, fortune and protection for the Chinese people. Single Malt Club China presents three single cask bottlings from the Campbeltown-based distillery Springbank, with each bottling representing a different attribute of Zhong Kui: Hazelburn 10 Year Old (Refill Port Hogshead #119) - the fortune bestower. One of 336 bottles. 55.2% volume. Springbank 13 Year Old (Fresh Sherry Butt #988) - the righteousness power. One of 516 bottles. 70cl, 56.1% volume Longrow 16 Year Old (Chardonnay Hogshead #08/91-005) - the expeller of evil spirits. One of 360 bottles. 70cl, 55.3% volume. 3 bottles in box with three copies of label artwork.