Lot 30 (Jewellery, 1st July 2018)

Sold for £70

Condition report
Naked eye
Very good condition overall, no damage
Pin is a later replacement, metal
Setting around pearls is very dirty
Some pearls grey, mismatched

With a 10x loupe
No damage to the moonstone, some inclusions only slightly visible


VICTORIAN MOONSTONE AND SEED PEARL BROOCH with a central heart shaped motif set with moonstone surrounded by seed pearls, on a twist bar, with metal pin, 45mm long, unmarked, 3.8g

Bidders must assume that diamonds and coloured gem stones (including ruby, emerald, sapphire, peridot, aquamarine) may have undergone a form of treatment unless otherwise stated. It should not be assumed that any diamond or coloured gem is untreated or is natural, unless accompanied by a gemmological laboratory certificate (which would be mentioned in the description). McTear’s will only describe gold/platinum/silver as such when a full UK standard set of hallmarks is present on the object. Other marks such as foreign import stamps will be noted in the description.