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Today in the Pictures Department, Natasha and Victoria have received large consignments of excellent traditional and contemporary pictures for the upcoming 'The Scottish Pictures Auction' and 'The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction', taking place June 19th and 22nd respectively. The Department is spoiled for choice with the day's entries to the auction, which include a gorgeous landscape by renowned Scottish artist, Lillian Nielsen, and an outstanding example by the late, great David Donaldson RSA of a portrait of a French lady of the night!
Selling pictures with McTear's is easy - you can either send a photograph of your painting to with the relevant information (artist if known, title, medium if known, approximate dimensions and the provenance), and the Pictures Department will get back to you with a free auction estimate. Alternatively you can ring Natasha and Victoria on 0141 810 2880 or bring the picture to McTear's for a free valuation.

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