A journey in silver: from South America to Scotland

While 19th century coins in general may not be uncommon, McTear’s is pleased to present a very rare South American example in The Coins & Banknotes Auction on 26 February 2019. Lot 522 is a Mexican 8 reale coin dated 1804, an example of currency minted within Mexico after the Spanish currency reform of 1497. These coins were legal tender within many countries outside South America until the mid-nineteenth century.

This coin is considered a very rare example due to the later stamp to the bust ‘JD 5.6.’ These markings denote its past use within Scotland in particular, the JD represents an unidentified Scottish region and the 5.6 shows it was the equivalent of five shillings and six pence. Only a few of these counter-marked examples have appeared at auction in the UK in the last 20 years. Estimated at £500-800 this coin is one that will interest collectors, both local and international.

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Sarah Fergusson

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