A life saver

The Breitling Emergency watch is a potentially life-saving piece of specialised equipment, despite its not so reassuring name! Described by Breitling themselves as ‘reaffirming their pioneering role in the field of technical watches,’ the watch is the only one to feature a PLB – Personal Locator Beacon. Should the wearer, professional or otherwise, find themselves stranded or in great danger, the screwdown ariel can be extended and a rescue operation will be arranged.



The appeal is one that does of course reach beyond those who routinely place themselves in dangerous situations. Breitling notes that they have sold over 40,000 of the timepieces. As with many highly specialised watches across all the Swiss companies, most buyers will gravitate towards the Emergency due to the exciting connotations of the model and of course its distinctive looks. With its large case, two digital displays, and striking yellow dial, as well as its impressive box and paraphernalia, it is one that will catch the eye of potential bidders. The Watches Auction on 24 September features one such watch at lot 832 (£3500-4500.)


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Sarah Fergusson


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