A Myriad of Coinage

The Coins and Banknotes Auction has a myriad of coins to offer to seasoned and budding numismatists.



Featuring alongside gold sovereigns and silver commemorative coins are items such as a hefty US double eagle, a civil war gold one dollar and a beautiful Indian head quarter dollar. These gold coins are not only worth their weight in gold but beautiful display pieces.

A fantastic gold sovereign, one of only 250 minted at the Tower Mint by veteran Simon Weston proudly sits in its display box alongside a certificate of authenticity.

One of the highlights of the auction is the silver Leonardo da Vinci comprising 24 edgeless colourprinted silver bars which each come together to depict da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Encased within an impressive timber display unit designed to look like a codex, this unique item is limited to 500 pieces and competition for this item is highly anticipated. 


Gold sovereigns minted under multiple monarchs feature with some mounted as pendants, rings and even brooches. 

With coins from around the world, competition is also expected from across the globe so don’t miss your chance to add one of these beautiful coins to your collection. 


Amy Cameron


Entries are currently invited for the next auction taking place on 3 November.  For a complimentary, no-obligation valuation, contact a specialist on 0141 810 2880 or amy@mctears.co.uk.

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