A passion for colour

In this month’s Scottish Contemporary Art Auction McTear’s is delighted to present for sale a wonderfully colourful mix of artworks from some of Scotland’s most renowned artists.

The Morrocco family of painters are represented by Leon (b 1942) and Jack (b 1953), both of whom have a strong affinity with colour and the exotic.  The bold colours in Jack’s Still Life with Fruit (lot 106) and Nude with Red Drape (lot 102) continue the lineage of the Scottish Colourist tradition, which is always a favourite with collectors.  A softer colour palette is employed in Leon’s Sunrise at Aberdeen Harbour (lot 85).  This a quiet and calming scene with an arguably environmental message – the artist confronts us with a pile of waste, contrasting with the natural beauty of the rising sun in the background.  An unusual piece for the artist but mesmerising nonetheless.  Lots 106, 102 and 85 each carry an auction estimate of £800–1,200,  £2,000–4,000 and £500–800 respectively.

One of picture specialist Jenny's favourite pieces in the sale is Kirsty Wither’s Towards Harvest (lot 238).  This is a beautiful example of Wither’s work and features her signature layering of colour and paint to create a wonderfully textured and deep composition. Wither is represented again in lot 239, this time on a much smaller scale. Very aptly titled Tiny Little Field, this gorgeous oil was executed in 1997, the same year as Towards Harvest.  Both pictures are beautifully framed and could certainly be considered statement pieces for any interior. Lot 238 and 239 carry auction estimates of £400–600 and £200–300 respectively.

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