A Picture Of Elegance  - A George Henry Watercolour

An elegant portrait painted by one of the leading figures of the Glasgow School George Henry, is to be offered for sale in The British & International Pictures Auction on Wednesday 5th June.

Painted in 1926, this stunning picture demonstrates Henry’s exquisite talent in watercolour and perfectly captures the glamour of the age.

Having moved from Scotland to London around 1903, at the time of this painting Henry was 68 years old and living in the heart of artistic Chelsea. His studio at 26 Glebe Place was a mere 10 minute walk away from his lodgings at 89 Sydney Street which he shared with Mr and Mrs Minty and their four children. A member of the Chelsea Art Club and a Royal Academician, Henry was part of an influential artistic circle and it was here he became an established society portraitist.




The sitter of this painting is not known, however she does bear a resemblance to the lady who appears in a number of Henry’s exhibited works during this period.  The Paisley Shawl, held by Paisley Museum and Art Gallery, Portrait of an Unknown Lady in Inverclyde’s McLean Museum and Art Gallery, and Glasgow Museum’s Lady in a Green Dress each feature a young woman with raven hair, fashioned in opulent accessories and drapings from shawls to kimonos. It is clear Henry’s love for Japan never left him as many of his portraits continued to effuse a strong Oriental flavour.

His affinity for this raven-haired lady is also evident – it was certainly not uncommon for artists to use the same models time and time again in different settings and it could be this watercolour was intended as a study for a later portrait. This elegant portrait carries an auction estimate of £4000-6000 and will be offered for sale in The British and International Pictures Auction to be held Wednesday 5th June.


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Jenny MacLeod


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