A Sea of Calm | The Mesmerising Landscapes of Bet Low

It’s one thing to paint a picture, but another thing completely to have people look upon your work and recognise it instantly as yours. It’s safe to say there is no artist quite like Bet Low (1924-2007), and this month we are delighted to offer for sale three of her pieces in the Scottish Contemporary Art Auction.



Low always had a deep love for the Scottish landscape, and her connection to it is evident in these works. Orkney had a special place in her heart and she made frequent visits with her family to Hoy. Lot 503 is from one such visit – this brooding landscape perfectly captures the haunting and mysterious atmosphere of Orkney, and demonstrates Low’s fascination with light and its transformative effect on the land and sea.



In lot 548 Low’s keen eye for detail is demonstrated in a beautifully haunting depiction of wild plants and flowers in a dark landscape. This small watercolour is the perfect picture to get you ready for the change in seasons and would make a wonderful addition to a cosy study space.




Lot 549 is a classic example of the meditative beauty that most have come to associate with Low’s landscapes. ‘Marine’ is a small, yet mesmerising watercolour that immediately transports the viewer to a calm and safe space. These pieces have been referred to as “deceptively simple” and it is through these watercolours that Low’s exceptional talent as an artist shines through as you can almost hear the water slowly rippling in the tide.


Each piece carries an auction estimate of £400-600.


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Jenny MacLeod


If you have pictures you wish to sell, please contact pictures@mctears.co.uk





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