A Sportsmen’s Roll of Honour

The autograph album included in the upcoming Sporting Medals & Trophies Auction this month is so impressive that it was in fact once described as 'like looking through a "Who's Who of the Greats."' 

Another newspaper, namely The Evening of Express of 14 September 1957, documents 'A Sportsmen's Roll of Honour', describing the collection of 'Autographs of The Cream of Sportsmen'. This article goes on to list just a sample of the famous names included within the impressive album, which was at the time in the possession of Aberdeen retired headmaster, Mr J.W. Cameron. The piece makes mention of the vast array of sports covered by the expansive collection, with sporting stars included from the fields of cricket, golf, soccer, rugby, boxing, athletics, billiards, racing, motor racing, lawn tennis and swimming, to name but a few!


Even extensive photographs don’t quite do this collection justice, and this autograph album is of such scale that it really needs to be seen to be believed, it almost demands to be flicked through! You’re warmly invited to do just that at McTear’s Glasgow Galleries, as viewing for the Sporting Medals & Trophies Auction opens at 12pm on Wednesday 18 November, and continues on Thursday and Friday, until the auction starts at 2pm on Friday 20 November. This splendid autograph album will be offered at lot 1736, with an auction estimate of £600-1000.


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Hannah Murphy


McTear’s is Scotland’s only auction house to host a Sporting Medals & Trophies Auction. For a complimentary, no-obligation valuation contact Hannah Murphy on 0141 810 2880 or HannahMurphy@mctears.co.uk

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