A Yellow Canary

Known as one of the most famous lines from Only Fools and Horses where an unfortunate incident leads Grandad to the pet shop in search of a yellow canary, it’s also an affectionate term for a yellow diamond.

Yellow diamonds are given their unmistakeable colour due to the presence of nitrogen in their chemical structure. Coloured diamonds are incredibly rare due to the very small numbers that are mined per year. To break it down, it is estimated that around 133 million carats worth of rough diamonds are mined each year. Of this incredibly vast number, it is thought that only around 1300 carats of this figure would be of a fancy colour. Yellow diamonds are the most common of the fancy coloured category and they are often cut into fancy shapes as this can have a noticeable impact on the appearance.

Lot 864 in the 13 March jewellery auction is a yellow diamond ring with a central pear shaped yellow diamond of approximately 1.40 carats and two colourless pear shaped diamonds. Complete with accompanying IGI report, the yellow diamond comes with a colour grade of ‘Light Yellow’. Estimate £2500 - £3500

Viewing for this lovely jubbly ring and many others will commence at 12pm on the 11 March.


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Amy Cameron



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