Acceptable in the 80s!

Original quad film posters are a staple of our Furniture, Works of Art, Medals & Militaria Auctions. Good quality examples finished in vibrant colours always attract attention, with rare releases and blockbusters alike piquing the interest of collectors.  When it comes to vibrancy, was there any decade more colourful than the 80s?


Whilst perms and dayglow colours were all the rage in the world of fashion, glam rock and rap music could be heard blaring on our airwaves.


Film wasn’t impervious to the influence of this Cultural Revolution, and a number of cult classics produced throughout the decade can be seen to embody that quintessential 80s style. Within our upcoming sale we are delighted to be offering quad posters from a number of such movies, with iconic hits including Scarface (lot 1304), E.T. ‘The Extra Terrestrial’ (lots 1337 & 1343), Highlander (lot 1339), Rambo – First Blood (lot 1340), and Back to the Future II (lots 1341 & 1348).


 Each original posters serves as a snapshot of that vivid decade, with it really feeling like a journey in the Delorean itself! So be sure to join us on the 28th August for what promises to be another exciting sale.


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James Bruce


Entries are invited for the next auction on 9 October. For a complimentary valuation contact Hannah Murphy on 0141 810 2880 or



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