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The name Jaeger-LeCoultre is synonymous with luxury. Founded in 1833 by Antoine LeCoultre, the Swiss company has manufactured a number of the most sought-after timepieces to grace the market. By combining the subtle elegance of design with technological ingenuity their watches and clocks have consistently commanded impressive sums at auction.

Within the upcoming Clocks, Musical & Scientific Instruments Auction (27 April), McTear’s will be offering two iconic desk clocks made by the world-renowned company. Lots 1422 and 1424 both manage to capture and epitomize that iconic name in their own unique ways.

Lot 1424, a Chinoiserie desk clock, infuses a number of eastern motifs within the case decoration in a way Jaeger were known to do with many of their clocks during the mid-20th century, thus giving it an overall zen feel. What sets this clock apart from those others though is its circular shape, more often associated with Jaeger skeleton clocks of the period. The overall result is a sleek and harmonious design, with a clock that is sure to add a touch of feng-shui to any desk it sits atop.

Lot 1422, an iconic ‘Recital’ desk clock, differs from the aforementioned lot in that its minimalistic scale appeals to those who feel that less is more. Sitting at only 5cm high, the more modest clock conveys power by understatement, with a black lacquered and gilt metal case which is juxtaposed with a striking silvered dial with dagger hour markers.

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