Amazing Animal Paperweights from Royal Crown Derby

British & Continental Ceramics & Glass Auction 
Thursday 15 March @ 12.30pm 
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First introduced in 1981, these paperweights are one of the most collected ceramic gift wares. With a stopper in the base these hollow animal figures can be filled with sand to add enough weight to use as paperweights or they can be left empty and displayed as ornaments.

This collection features animals both familiar and exotic, decorated with rich colours and gilt detailing. One of the most interesting can be found in lot 1216: ROYAL CROWN DERBY LARGE IMARI ELEPHANT PAPERWEIGHT. Featuring the reds, blues and golds in the ‘Old Imari’ pattern which is so synonymous with the brand, this paperweight is a striking yet elegant piece. There are more elephants in lot 1221 – Lucky Charm and Lucky Star. With the eponymous ‘Old Imari’ colours, these smaller elephants feature more delicate designs incorporating floral motifs and influences from Indian henna motifs.

Along with the elephants, the auction features 'CHEETAH' AND 'CHEETAH DADDY' PAPERWEIGHTS in lot 1217 – two elegant, Saharan-hued big cats, standing in proteas (sugarbush) flowers- the national flower of South Africa. Also in this menagerie there can be found an Old Imari Polar Bear, Kangaroo, Koala, Panda and also lambs, rabbits, kittens and owls.


With creatures great and small, native and exotic, there is sure to be something for everyone in this sale.


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