Amy’s Aftercare Advice

Diamond jewellery benefits from regular cleaning. Jewellery specialist Amy shares her tips on how to take care of your diamond jewellery at home to keep it looking like a million dollars.



  • Avoid hand sanitisers that contain no alcohol. These include chlorine based compounds which can cause corrosion of some metals. Alcohol based sanitisers are suitable as long as they are at least 60% alcohol.                                


  • Always rinse your rings with cold water after washing your hands to remove any soap residue.


  • Get dressed, tong your hair and put your jewellery on last. Moisturisers, perfume and hairspray can have detrimental effects on your jewellery and will also dull their sparkle. 


  • Take off jewellery when showering, doing the dishes, gardening, moisturising or anything where particles can become trapped underneath or between stones. Build-up underneath stones can eventually cause them to fall out.


  • Give your rings a bath at least once a week using a mild washing up liquid and warm water. You can leave them to soak for five minutes or leave them overnight, this will cause no harm to the diamonds or precious metal. Scrub the item with a soft toothbrush to remove any build-up and polish with a clean microfibre cloth to bring back their sparkle.


  • Always be gentle when cleaning your jewellery. Be careful not to scrub too hard or get anything caught in the claws.


You should always consult expert advice if you are unsure how to take care of your jewellery. Why not ask Amy for advice on how to clean your jewels at home? Email for her expert opinion. 

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