Another Success for Scottish Artists at McTear's

Peploe was the name of the night at Thursday’s The Scottish Pictures Auction with several works by Denis Peploe reaching the top end of the estimate, and Samuel John Peploe’s ‘Still Life with Roses’ (lot 1732) reaching a hammer price of £18,000. These father and son painters have developed their own unique styles and are excelling in the market, certainly a crucial part of any collection!

Robert Gemmell Hutchison also soared well above the estimate with ‘Ladybird, Ladybird’ (lot 1695) reaching a hammer price of £11,000. This delightful work of a young girl is instantly recognisable as an excellent work by the artist, and the interest showed with many determined bidders hoping to own a classic Hutchison painting. Edward Atkinson Hornel’s ‘Swan Lake’ (lot 1706) is another delightful work by an outstanding Scottish artist. Very much in Hornel’s colourful textured style, ‘Swan Lake’ rose to the top the estimate achieving a hammer price of £9000.

Another youthful picture by a great Glasgow artist was Joan Eardley’s ‘A ‘Street Urchin’ in Blue Shorts’ (lot 1803) with a hammer price of £10,000. The success of these wonderful Scottish artists shows that selling or buying local artists at McTear’s is an excellent investment for all.

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