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…that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.- William Morris

The popularity at auction of particular art and antiques is influenced by fashion and trends. Art Deco jewellery might be ‘in’, Rolex watches could be flying high. What about ‘brown’ furniture? Contrary to popular belief, much period furniture is in vogue and Chinese creations are no different.

When it comes to East Asian furniture, one can appreciate the beauty of carving and elegance of line. What appeals, too, is its fabulously functional form. These pieces are useable, sensible. True of many Chinese and Japanese works of art, function goes hand in hand with beauty. Here we bring you a selection of the furniture included in January’s Asian Works of Art Auction. What would you showcase in this well-designed stage cabinet?







The Asian Works of Art Auction
Live Online on Wednesday 20 January 12.30pm


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