Ba Dum Tsss!

Another wonderful Clocks, Musical & Scientific Instrument Auction concluded last week with the highest seller being a Yamaha Custom Recording Drum Kit (lot 1436), achieving a booming £600 hammer, £100 over the high estimate.

It wasn’t the only contemporary instrument to see fierce competition from bidders, as bids in the room, online and on the telephone saw a Galanti Accordion (lot 1419) go for £420, over three times the high estimate.

In keeping with the musical theme, a Yamaha PSR-S900 Electronic Keyboard (lot 1450) achieved a cool £160, just above mid estimate, only proving that, whether its percussion, wind or keys it’s a great time to be selling at auction.

We hope to see you six weeks from now in what promises to be another exciting Clocks, Musical & Scientific Instruments Auction (Friday 8 June), but until then, keep on rocking in the free world!


View the full auction results >> 


Featuring timepieces of all types – from the grandest grandfather clock to the most elegant enamel clock – and instruments including sextants, military and medical pieces, as well as musical instruments and cameras, dedicated auctions of clocks & instruments are held every six weeks.

Written by James Bruce

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