Batman Has No Limits

Rolex is well known for its iconic watches that come with nicknames often representing the colours of the dial and bezel. The Batman, a Rolex GMT Master II BLNR, gets it nickname from the blue and black coloured bezel, reminiscent of Batman’s superhero outfit.  The name itself represents ‘bleu noir’ French for blue and black. 

The GMT was designed in the 1950’s as an aviation watch to assist pilots on their flights and the colourful bezels were used to differentiate between AM and PM. Whilst practical, they have now become more of a fashion accessory due to their sleek, sporty appearance and bright bezels. Although two tone bezels have been a staple factor on GMT Masters for over fifty years, the new Cerachrom bezel insert is an engineering marvel on its own as this is something that Rolex once stated was impossible to achieve .It is highly resistant to scratching and fading meaning that it will look as good as new for longer unlike vintage models which fade over time. The oyster bracelet is complete with Easylink extension clasp to allow you to adjust it slightly in case you need that little bit of extra room for it to fit over your Batsuit. 


With waiting lists as long as your arm, the Batman is highly sought after due to its production in small numbers. Lot 752 in the Watch auction on the 21st of May is a fine example of a BLNR, complete with box and papers, this is estimated at £8000 - £12000. With this on your wrist, you will feel like you can take on anything. Like the man himself once said, ‘Batman has no limits.’ 

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Amy Cameron


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