Be my sweetheart?

Sweetheart brooches symbolise the love between two people. In the 18th century, these were hand painted porcelain rings and brooches. These items featured images of a loved one and, occasionally, just an image of their eye. These tokens gained further popularity in Victorian times and experienced a revival during the First World War. Most commonly recognised as a token of affection given by military personnel to their loved ones back home, these were fondly worn as a sign of pride and recognition.


Lot 512 in Wednesday's Jewellery Auction is a group of three sweetheart brooches, each modelled in the form of an anchor symbolising that the wearer’s loved one was in the Navy. Adorned with the names of the ships that their loved ones would have been aboard, these brooches would have anchored long-distance lovers to one another.


Lot 513 is a group of sweetheart brooches from the Victorian era. One example is engraved with the word ‘Mizpah’ meaning ‘May the Lord watch between us’ or ‘watchtower’ - comforting words from someone who could be travelling far from home for an indeterminate amount of time.


They are sure to attract much interest at the auction later this week.


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