Beautiful Burmantofts!

This month we feature two wonderful lots of Burmantofts art pottery. Both items are in the same Iznik pattern and typify the Victorian interest in Oriental decoration. Broadly speaking, they fall into the Aesthetic taste, which encompasses all decoration in the eastern or oriental taste, during the middle to late Victorian era.

Burmantofts pottery takes it's name from the district of Leeds, where it was founded in 1859 and initially made architectural bricks, and pipes and after a period of growth began producing decorative architectural items such as tiles and jardinieres in the 1870's and 1880's. Early decorative wares were quite plain, typically bulbous vases and as time and expertise progressed, decoration became more elaborate. Sometimes employing scaffito decoration and tube lining.

Lot 309, is a beautiful Burmantofts vase, which would grace any collection of Victorian decorative arts. It is estimated £400/600. As is the jardiniere of matching design, lot 309 (illustrated). What a delight to sell, we hope you will join us to see them sell.

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