Buying Scottish Contemporary Art at Auction

Call us biased but, in our opinion, there is no better place to buy Scottish Contemporary Art than McTear's Auctioneers in Glasgow's south side.
Every five weeks McTear's hosts 'The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction' at its galleries in Govan. Held on a Sunday afternoon, this particular auction draws a very large crowd of private buyers from across the country and the atmosphere is always electric. It's always a pleasure to sell to a large crowd and even better when several hands go up at once!
So whose work can you expect to see gracing the gallery walls? Fans of Gerard M. Burns will be delighted to hear that each month The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction contains at least five examples of the artist's work and, at prices lower than those sought by the galleries, these oil paintings are usually in high demand.
Laetitia Guilbaud, Elena Kourenkova, Rosanne Barr, Shelagh Campbell...we're not short of female contemporary artists, either!
And though several artists whose work falls in to the contemporary category have (sadly) passed away - David Abercrombie Donaldson, James Downie Robertson, Alan King, George Devlin, John Cunningham, the list goes on - their paintings are still included in this auction. These artists did, after all, shape contemporary Scottish art as we know it.
And no Scottish Contemporary Art Auction at McTear's would be complete without the work of Peter Howson OBE. A great ally of McTear's, Peter's skill across all media is second to none and we're proud to say that we sell more of the artist's work than any other gallery or auction house in the country - make that the world! So expect to see plenty of quality Howson artworks and, as result, plenty of competition. We do hope that you join us soon at The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction at McTear's - it's one not to miss! A full list of upcoming auction dates can be found at the following link:

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