Capturing Catterline | Joan Eardley

Joan Eardley’s bold and dramatic approach to landscape painting made her one of Scotland’s most revered artists of the 20th century, and we are delighted to offer for sale one of her famous coastal scenes in this month’s Scottish Contemporary Art Auction. 
In Catterline Seascape we are treated to a view of her beloved coastal home, just south of Aberdeen. The thick and swirling application of paint conveys the tremendous power of the sea smashing against the exposed rock. Eardley painted on location and was drawn to the primal nature of the sea. She chose to work in all weather, mixing her paints with boat oil, newspaper, sand, nearby grasses and even the sea itself, so each picture has a true connection to the location it was painted.
Lot 640 was painted in 1959, and at this point Eardley had been in living Catterline for four years. In 1951 she paid her first visit to the town with her friend Annette Soper who bought the village’s clifftop Watch House, which Eardley was given free use of as she commuted between Glasgow and Catterline. Eardley finally made the jump and bought her own place at Number 1, The Row in 1955 before moving closer to the sea at Number 18 in 1959.
Catterline Seascape would be a wonderful addition to any serious collection of fine, Scottish art, and with a manageable size of 20cm x 45cm it could be the centrepiece to your gallery wall.
Lot 640 carries an auction estimate of £4000-6000.

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