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The price of gold has risen sharply in the last twelve months, as has the price of sovereigns that have soared in value through 2020. It is a common misconception that gold sovereigns sell for, only, their weight in gold. Not so, the demand for this treasured coin goes well above.

Perhaps the most impressive to feature at auction this year is the George VI sovereign from 1937, the most coveted of the 20th century. Only 5001 were minted that year, a small fraction of the number usually struck. This rarity led to this example making £2,500 in August, almost ten times a standard sovereign. If you happen to have a collection of gold sovereigns, look closely at their dates, it could make all the difference!


McTear’s Coins & Banknotes Auction, held every six weeks, is the only one of its type held in Scotland and features gold, silver and ancient coins, along with early banknotes and tokens.


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