Coins to Remember

The Coins and Banknotes Auction features an incredible selection of gold and silver coins ranging from gold sovereigns to silver coin sets, there are plenty to choose from.



Also featured are a number of limited edition gold coin sets including the Edward VII Sovereign mintmark collection featuring a sovereign from each mint and is limited to only 265 collections. The 2018 Sapphire Coronation Jubilee Gold Sovereign Series features a very hefty and impressive gold fifty pound coin. This coin alone weighs an astounding 155.5g and is limited to a mintage of only 26 coins.



One of the most unique sets is the 2018 Armistice Centenary Remembrance Gold Gallantry five coin set. Limited to only 99 sets, each coin features the Remembrance Gold finish, layered with ruthenium, making them the first gold sovereign coins to feature this finish. This darkens the look to all but the main motif making the awards, rightly so, take pride of place. These two precious metals unite to produce a darker, more respectful commemoration of this event. The reverse of each coin features the seven greatest awards for valour given to British Forces during the First World War. 



This world first twenty pound gold coin is the first to feature the striking Remembrance finish. Minted in 2018 to commemorate the Armistice Centenary, this is one of only 49 coins in the world, making it incredibly scarce. Meandering through the denominations, each coin features: 

Twenty Pound: Air Force Cross Medal 

Double Sovereign: Distinguished Conduct Medal

Sovereign: Distinguished Service Order Medal

Half Sovereign: Distinguished Service Cross Medal

Quarter Sovereign: Victoria Cross Medal

Whilst gold can often be seen as flashy, Hatton’s of London have produced the incredible Remembrance Gold finish to produce these striking yet sombre coins which commemorate a huge part of our British history in the most respective way. 

With a number of impressive coin sets featuring in this auction, many of which are limited to a small number of sets, this is an auction not to be missed. 


Amy Cameron


Entries are currently invited for the next auction taking place on 22 September.  For a complimentary, no-obligation valuation, contact a specialist on 0141 810 2880 or

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