Colourful Contemporary Art at McTear's to brighten up any dull day.

The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction has a variety of exciting and interesting works sure to please any palette. Taking place on October 5th, this auction is proving to have an array of significant works by some of the greatest contemporary Scottish artists.

John Bellany has several outstanding works, including the bright and vivacious ‘Still Life with a Piano’ (lot 1707) that uses abstract figures to create a captivating painting, estimated at £7000 to £10,000. And if the end of summer has one missing the seaside, Bellany’s ‘St Abbs’ (lot 1709) is a colourful depiction of the town’s harbour, certain to keep one happy on cold winter nights. And keeping with the colourful theme, John Lowrie Morrison’s (JOLOMO) painting ‘Autumn Evening, Isle of Islay’ (lot 1913) will have any buyers anticipating a warm and bright summer, even though we have to wait until next year!

On the opposite end, works by Peter Howson use dark, muted tones to create imposing pieces that will surely be a conversation point to any would-be viewer. Peter Howson’s ‘On the Right Road’ (lot 1718) is painted in the artist’s classical style, while the dark tones and powerful figure make it a stand out piece in his life’s work, and is estimated at £6,000 to £9,000. Howson has another unique work in lot 1826, a larger-than-life artist’s proof woodcut encompassing two panels that create ‘A Miner.’ Continuing with the dark palette, Gerard Burns’ ‘Winter Song’ (lot 1818) evokes a winter wonderland that will prepare the viewer for the cold nights ahead!

From bright to dark, The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction will surely have a painting suited for any buyer!

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