Different Perspectives 

Lots 611, Coastal Town by Pat Kramek, and 655, Crofthouse by John Lowrie Morrison or ‘JOLOMO’, are stunning pieces in their own rights, but could make a more powerful statement when put together, having their fair share of similarities and differences that make them shine. 



When looking at the two works by Kramek and Morrison, it is almost as if you could be looking at the same location from two different perspectives. Kramek’s Costal Town shows a line of white houses, looking downhill as the landscape meets the coast, with deep blue waters and a smooth horizon with touches of wispy white clouds. 

Morrison’s Crofthouse depicts a similar scene, but perhaps from the bottom of the hill looking up, away from the coast, rather than out to sea. The winding road is lined with similar white houses and vegetation, with deep blue skies and a concentrated dotting of clouds above the homes. 



Kramek’s picture is mostly comprised of smooth, horizontally oriented strokes, which emulate the cool wind and calm waves as they bring in the tide. Alternatively, Morrison’s with abrupt vertical paint strokes, giving the landscape texture and movement in all the right places. These two works complement each other well, in size, composition, and colour. Bought together as a pair, or as individual lots, these two pieces are sure to make dazzling additions to any art collection.  


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Makenzie Cool


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