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Luxury sport watches are fast becoming the preferential choice for the current generation due to their diverse wearability however these multifunctioning watches are also very important pieces of equipment for high tempo sports such as diving, racing and sailing.


The Rolex Submariner was first brought to the market in 1953 and was designed for the purpose of scuba diving. It was the only waterproof watch at the time that could withstand diving to depths of 330 feet however as technology and watchmaking has evolved, the Rolex Submariner is now waterproof to depths of 1000 feet. This proves to be an essential tool for any diver as the unidirectional bezel allows them to measure how much time they have spent underwater. It avoids any slips or miscalculations which could lead to serious complications if they misjudge how much time they have spent underwater.


The Submariner is also known for being one of the most popular sports watches among celebrities such as David Beckham and Sylvester Stallone. Due to the sleek and simple design, this watch looks equally as impressive when worn with a diving or a three piece suit. Lot 859 in the Rolex auction on 9 August is a Rolex Submariner estimated at £5000 - £7000 and is the most commonly purchased submariner due to it's classic monochrome appearance.


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Amy Cameron


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