Excellent Scottish Contemporary Art Offered at McTear's

The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction (SCAA), taking place on Sunday 20th September at 2pm, will feature an array of captivating paintings by some of Scotland’s greatest contemporary artists.

Impressive works by John Bellany will feature in this month’s SCAA along with the vivid work of Muriel Barclay and many more well-established Scottish contemporary artists. As the summer comes to a close and autumn creeps in we have collated a variety of colourful and expressive works to help keep the blues at bay.

John Bellany’s vibrant maritime inspired compositions would look ship-shape in any space. ‘Harbour Road’(2149), ‘Boatyard’(2230) and ‘ The Old Church’(2257) are just a few among Bellany’s work that are influenced by fishing town life in times gone by. His dynamic use of colour and subject stir the emotions and capture the life of a true East Coaster.

Muriel Barclay’s influence by the likes of Manet and Degas, are clearly projected in Muriel’s use of movement and colour in her unintentional yet intentional painting techniques. Muriel's subjects are invariably beautiful having a dream like quality that captures and captivates. Of her paintings, Muriel says "I am interested by people and their relationship with each other and the world." She is particularly interested in the female perspective, their intimacy, vulnerability, fragility and their defences. Her paintings are about observation and ambiguity. She composes her subjects and invites the viewer to interpret what the painting is trying to say.

We jump from one side of Scotland to the other, taking a trip to the West with John Lowrie Morrison OBE - JOLOMO - one of Scotland's most successful and best loved contemporary Artists: painter for over 50 years of Argyll and The Hebrides. JOLOMO’s ‘Summer Evening, Portuairk’(2147) is sure to catch the eye and lift the spirits.

This will be a truly exciting auction showcasing some highly influential and awe-inspiring pieces, and giving you the chance to own your very own exceptional piece of art.

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