Fall into the Jewellery Auction

This autumn’s Jewellery Auction showcases diamonds and precious gemstones sure to warm your heart in this cold weather. 



This auction features items such as an unusual seed pearl pendant in the form of a sunburst. With the wintery days closing in on us, this could be your little bit of constant sunshine. This is coming under the hammer alongside items such as an impressive amethyst and citrine bangle, gold charm bracelets and dazzling diamonds.


The world’s most expensive opal is one that hails from none other then the infamous Coober Pedy in Australia. Known as the ‘Virgin Rainbow Opal’, it’s the most vibrant opal that the world has ever seen and is now owned by the South Australian Museum, priced at over $1 million.  This opal literally glows in the dark and it’s hard to believe that something so outstanding could have come out of the dirt. 

Another example of the opal is what we know as the ‘Fire Opal’. Mined in Mexico, these have been used for millennia and have even been discovered in Aztec burial sites. These unique opals are famed for their transparency and warm tones. Opposite to opals which display the solid opalescent play of colour, fire opals display a play of colour which is almost transparent. The warm yellow, orange and red tones are synonymous of their origin. 

Also featured is a beautiful sky blue enamelled suite of jewellery by David Andersen. The suite comprises necklet, bracelet, brooch and pair of earrings. It’s a rare find to come across a suite of this jewellery so we anticipate much competition on this lot!

With a multitude of diamonds and precious gemstones, there is something for every taste in this auction. 


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Amy Cameron


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