February Whisky Roundup – Macallan is Top of the Lot


Macallan has shown once again its potential during the February Rare and Fine Whisky auction, with rare bottles having strong showings, and outselling their pre-auction estimates.




The star performer was the Macallan 1958/59 Anniversary Malt, which achieved £3,200. As one of the very first Anniversary Malts released in 1985, this would have cost a fraction of this at the time of purchase, for around £60.




Macallan 18 year olds, with vintages from the 1970’s and 1980’s gave strong outings, with the 1976 and 1981 realising a hammer of £1,700 each, and the 1983 achieving £1,500, which for bottles that would have cost as little at £40 at time of bottling is a brilliant return.





Bottled in the early 1970’s lot 173 was the Macallan 10 years old 100° proof, which exceeded expectations selling for £800, an excellent price for a 10 year old Macallan.




Some of the modern bottling also surprised on the day.  The Macallan Archival Series Folio 2 sold for two and a half times the low estimate of £900, landing at a hammer price of a fantastic £2,200.




Another of the more recent bottlings which performed well was the lot 109, the Macallan 10 year’s old Cask strength. This wonderful spirit bottled at whopping 58.6% volume, was a strong performer on the day, reaching £700, almost double the pre-auction low estimate of £400.


This outstanding interest highlights the demand for Macallan whiskies during these uncertain times when buyers are looking for alternative investments, resulting in it being good time to sell.


Entries are now invited for the March 26 Rare and Fine Whisky auction. For further information, or for a complimentary no obligation appraisal of your whiskies, email whisky@mctears.co.uk, or call 0141 810 2880.

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