Fly me to the moon …

Brooches are not only stylish but practical. Need something to hold your scarf in place or accessorise a plain outfit? A brooch is the perfect answer if you want to accessorise but perhaps don’t enjoy wearing jewellery. 

One familiar symbol that is common in the manufacture of brooches is the crescent moon which, since ancient times, has been known to symbolize femininity, female empowerment and celebrate the moon goddess Luna, where in Roman mythology, she is the divine embodiment of the moon. The name Luna is derived from the Latin word lucere which means ‘to shine’, a fitting reference for lot 1303 in the 31 January jewellery auction. 



Lot 1303 is a blue gem set and diamond crescent moon brooch. The old cut diamonds are interspaced by faceted oval blue gems. The charming old cut diamonds in this brooch truly shine like the moon. Estimate £150 - £250. 

With the recent blustery Glasgow weather, there’s no choice but to wrap up with a cosy scarf and what better way to accessorise it than with a statement brooch. 


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Amy Cameron


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