Framed with Care

Although the picture itself is arguably the most important part of a piece of art, the frame around the picture can really make or break the picture as a whole. Frames make up part of the character of the picture, and can easily be interchanged to accentuate different aspects of a picture, depending on the colour, details, and mounting.



Lot 109 in January’s Scottish Contemporary Art Auction is a spectacular picture with a special frame, likely one you are not going to want to swap out. Adorning the mixed media painting Moonlight Serenade by John Byrne is an impressive and hand-painted frame by John Byrne himself. Soft, neutral hues bring out the darker tones used throughout the picture, and the metallic accents help the picture amplify the moonlight’s touch on the musician. Estimated at £6,000-9,000, this stunning picture and its unique, hand-painted frame would look great hanging on any wall!


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Makenzie Cool


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