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The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction

17 December 2017

The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction on Sunday 17th December was another great success and yet again demonstrated the strength of buyer demand for top quality modern and contemporary pictures especially from the best known artists. Results in this auction through 2017 have been consistently outstanding.  

Click here for the auction results >>

Perhaps the most exciting development over the past few years is the ever more frequent bidding from collectors all around the UK and indeed all around the world. Glasgow has been a hub for art and artists since the days of "The Glasgow Boys" and more recently the Glasgow School of Art has produced five Turner Prize winners overall, and 25% of nominees since 2005. Over the last 10 years, four winners have been graduates of the GSA's celebrated Master of Fine Art programme. In 2015, the Turner Prize was held in Glasgow for the first time, recognising the city's ongoing significance in the contemporary art world.

Glasgow isn't just a creative city, it's a city which buys art. Artists have flourished in Glasgow because Glasgow buyers have invested in their work and this is as relevant now as it was in the late 1880's.

The first Scottish Contemporary Art Auction of 2018 is on 21st January and we are currently inviting entries.  Details >>




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