From Russia with Love

Last year our dedicated Silver Auctions were characterised by luxury. Whether quotidian or divine, the objects we brought you were marked by their superior quality and lavish splendour.


This year will be no different, and, with our latest catalogue now live online, it's fair to say this veritable feast of a sale will soon become a moveable one. Indeed, we start as we mean to go on, lot 1 being a sublime example of Russian Imperial silver by purveyor of splendour and patron to the court, Pavel Ovchinnikov. This silver gilt and cloisonné enamel cigarette case is an object of pure beauty. Wonderfully worked in rope twist filigree and signature enamels, it is the silversmith at his striking best.

How did a case fit for a Tsar end up in the industrially hardened city of Glasgow though?The hinged clasp opens the piece like a mouth and it tells it's story; An inscription, 'St. Petersbourg 12 March 1908', and a scrap of paper 'Presented to me by the directors of the Poutiloff Co. (Engineers or Shipbuilders).'A gift from Russia with love, this case made its way into the calloused hands of a Glasgow dock worker after his time in the country doing what Glasgow does best, shipbuilding.

This and over 200 further lots of silver will be featured in our dedicated sale.



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