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The Pictures Department is overflowing with some of the best works by both contemporary and traditional Scottish artists.

Works from well-known artists such as Edward Atkinson Hornel, John Maclauchlan Milne, and James Stuart Park are all represented in the March 22nd Scottish Pictures Auction. Certain to be the stars of the show are three exquisite paintings by Hornel; ‘Hyacinths’ (lot 8), ‘Summer’ (lot 15) and ‘Girls and Brighouse Bay’ (lot 62). All are instantly recognisable as superb works by one of Scotland’s leading artists, and one of the finest of the Glasgow Boys. These paintings capture the innocence of young girls, with a pair of girls playing amongst Hornel’s signature bluebell flowers in ‘Summer’, and a single girl with a delightful floral skirt draping from her left arm as she reaches for the delicately painted flowers in ‘Hyacinths.’ ‘Girls at Brighouse Bay’ is one of Hornel’s most popular subjects, with previous paintings being auctioned at McTear’s attracting plenty of interest. There has been a recent resurgence in works by Hornel, with collectors and first time buyers looking for a keystone piece for their collection. Always a success, be sure not to miss out on adding a signature Hornel to your collection!

Another largely successful artist at McTear’s is John Maclauchlan Milne whose painting ‘The Farm Steading’ (lot 123) is a stand out work. Primarily known for his post-impressionistic scenes of Sannox Bay or the French coast, this Maclauchlan Milne combines his loose brushstrokes with a beautiful country scene. Goats and chickens play in front of a rustic cottage, and one can feel the warmth of this homely scene. Such a comforting painting – and an excitingly unique work by the artist – is certain to prove successful at The Scottish Pictures Auction.

David Gauld is an iconic Scottish artist, and is best known for being one of the greatest innovators within the Glasgow Boys. While being quite successful in both stained glass and painting, Gauld’s most popular subject matter was cows. At 36 inches tall and 50 inches wide, ‘Three Calves’ (lot 13) is an impressive work, and one of the largest by Gauld to come up for auction. Still in its original frame, ‘Three Calves’ is certain to be a stand out piece for its buyer. The Scottish Pictures Auction also includes works by George Houston, James Kay, Duncan McGregor Whyte, and Tom Gilfillan, a renowned artist of transportation posters for Scotland in the early 20th century. There’s sure to be a picture for everyone!

Taking place the following Sunday, The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction is chockfull of Scotland’s finest contemporary artists. Easily one of the most successful Scottish artists of recent times, Jack Vettriano has two paintings up for auction. ‘Cheating Hearts (Scene from Therese Raquin)’ (lot 2269) is an earlier work by the artist, and is important for any buyer who is looking to create an all-inclusive collection. Also for auction, ‘Woman in Black’ (lot 2455) is instantly recognisable as a Vettriano, and depicts a suave woman smoking a cigarette under an umbrella, creating a romantic atmospheric painting that is sure to excite any collector. Another iconic British artist, Damien Hirst has certainly made a name for himself since organising a Young British Artists exhibition in the late 1980s. ‘Heart’ (lot 2171) is a large acrylic spin painting, which was created at Hirst’s retrospective exhibition ‘Requiem’ at The Pinchuk Art Centre, Kiev in 2009. This spin painting is particularly significant as heart shaped paintings by Hirst are extremely rare, as is having it signed. This mesmerising work by one of the most controversial and successful contemporary artists in the world today will certainly have the auction room buzzing.

Rarely making an appearance at auction, three outstanding works by Glasgow artist Heather Nevay will be auctioned at The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction. Studying at Glasgow School of Art, Nevay specialised in figurative paintings, and uses symbolism to express ideas of heroism, fear and human relationships. Colour plays an important role in her work, which almost puts a contemporary spin on Hieronymus Bosch style figures and creatures. Influences of early Dutch Renaissance symbolism and pale figures combine to create unique and captivating paintings that are sure to split the audience with their ominous scenes. From a single private Scottish collection and running sequentially near the start of the auction, these three works by Nevay are certain to be great conversation starters. ‘The Playroom’ (lot 2148) is one of the largest paintings by Nevay to be offered at auction, and is rife with her signature symbolism and otherworldly creatures. ‘The Red Dress’ (lot 2149) and ‘Incident in an Imagined Landscape’ (lot 2150) again bring the viewer into a strange and captivating world. As Nevay seldom comes up to auction, this is a rare and superb collection that is certain to create plenty of competition.

The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction has many other outstanding works by leading artists. An oil ‘So There We Go’ (lot 2161) by Alexander Millar, and a pencil on paper ‘Homeward Bound’ (lot 2162) by the artist both from a single private collection are sure to attract attention. An iconic work by Peter Howson ‘Lost Lucie, 1999’ (lot 2147) depicts his daughter and the artist in a moment of anguish shortly after Howson found Lucie wandering in Kelvingrove Park, who had been missing all day after a heated argument. Gerard Burns, John Bellany, Muriel Barclay, Graeme Wilcox, and Joe Hargan are amongst many of the superb artists who are being auctioned in McTear’s Sunday sale. Recognisable names are filtered throughout the auction, so be sure to stay tuned to the end!

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