Glenfiddich and the Hart Brothers

Glenfiddich has earned its place as one of the best-known producers of Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the world. Its game changing 1963 “Straight Malt” was originally released as a reaction to a dispute with their grain supplier, but its popularity paved the way for single malts as a luxurious alternative to blended whisky. Today its iconic prismatic bottle design and stag’s head logo are so recognisable as to be practically synonymous with Single Malt Scotch.



With such a prestigious brand to protect it’s not surprising that independent releases of Glenfiddich are few and far between. So, on the rare occasion that the distillery is willing to part with a cask (or two) of its precious spirit, some degree of fanfare is definitely warranted.


Hart Brothers certainly pulled out all the stops in 2005 when they bottled this sumptuous 1964 vintage, sherry matured, 40-Year-Old ‘fiddy. It is presented in an eye-catching decanter crafted by Portuguese crystal maestros, Atlantis, and lavishly decorated in Sterling Silver with gold medallions depicting the last seven monarchs of Scotland from the House of Stuart.

Only 500 of these decanters were released, and while that’s rather an impressive yield for a single cask containing 40-year-old whisky it still makes this an extremely rare proposition. And, when you consider the sort of prices Glenfiddich themselves would charge for a comparable whisky, it also represents exceptional value. Given the decreasing likelihood of future independent releases of this calibre, the Glenfiddich Dynasty Decanter from Hart Brothers should be on the radar of every serious whisky collector.


Ewan Thomson


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