Glittering Glass

The British & Continental Ceramics & Glass Auction this April is punctuated by a plethora of unusual, collectable and rare glass, from 18th century drinking glasses (lots 505 and 603) to a fine example of Lalique 1920s opalescent glass (lot 560), showcasing the ‘Violettes’ pattern and estimated between £800-1200. McTear’s offered opalescent Lalique vases of a similar design from the 1920s in August 2015, with the ‘Montmorency’ pattern vase estimated at between £1000-2000 and achieving £3200 hammer, demonstrating the rarity and collectability of these beautiful examples of art glass. The auction this April also offers examples of modern Lalique, including a Lalique glass car mascot modelled as a swallow (lot 552), estimated at £150-250, and a contemporary Lalique glass decanter (lot 565), estimated at between £100-150. 

Of especial beauty, this auction offers two beautiful Moser glass caskets, one of which (lot 515) is decorated with birds and scrolling foliage and flowerheads in enamel colours on blue glass and it is also the catalogue back cover star this month. Estimated at £300-400, this casket is bound to attract the attention of seasoned auction-goers. Be sure to also view a lovely example of Victorian bohemian ruby glass, lot 568, with flash engraving depicting a hunting scene and estimated at £50-80. 

Finally, of note, is the collection of Monart glass to be offered in this auction. Dating predominantly from the 1920s, Monart Ware (later Monart Glass) was made by the company of John Moncrieff Limited in Perth, Scotland. Production began in 1924 following the ‘accidental’ making of a protoype by Salvador Ysart, a Spanish-born glassblower employed by the firm. The name ‘Monart’ was formed by taking the prefix ‘Mon’ from Moncrieff and the suffix ‘art’ from Ysart. The colours of Monart glass were influenced by interior design, with the brighter colours often commanding more interest at auction, and the rim of Monart examples often containing aventurine (gold-stone) flecks. Lot 518 showcases a fine example of Monart glass, displaying the popular colours of Monart. Estimated at £60-100, this a steal for any collector interested in Scottish glass manufacturing. 

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