Graham McKean's Brexit takes centre stage

‘Brexit’ is the latest in a series of political portraits by internationally acclaimed Ayrshire artist, Graham McKean, who admits recent world events have influenced his creativity.

Estimated to fetch between £2,000 and £4,000, the 24” by 20” work will feature in McTear’s Scottish Contemporary Art auction on Sunday 2nd July.

‘Brexit’ depicts a flat-capped man in a small sailboat which is returning from Europe across the English Channel and in sight of the White Cliffs of Dover. The sail is a Union Jack whilst the man, who is reading directions from his Brexit user manual, is accompanied by his cigar-smoking bulldog Churchill.

McKean said: “This painting is a satirical and humorous take on our situation whilst remaining hopeful and optimistic. I wanted to show an ordinary working man with braces and his suitcase packed returning to the UK with his loyal British bulldog. I don’t support any political party but Brexit affects us all and I wanted to paint a non-political viewpoint of the outcome.

“For me, creating art is uplifting and gives me faith and hope. With so much happening in the world right now, I feel a need to focus my work on the big issues which helps me to feel more positive about the future.

Last year McKean, whose works have featured in some of the world’s top galleries and has been acknowledged by a number of his peers including the internationally renowned Peter Howson, sold another politically inspired painting showing Nicola Sturgeon riding a motorcycle with Alex Salmond.

Commenting on the painting, McTear’s Managing Director, Brian Clements said: “This latest painting in Graham McKean’s political series is another outstanding piece of work. Graham is well known for capturing the public mood and injecting humour into his art and his work is always popular at our auctions. We expect this fascinating take on Brexit will be no different.”


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