Hot or cold, yellow or white

For many people, choosing a piece of jewellery for themselves or a loved one is based on the colour of the metal. With gold items available in more than one colour, factors such as skin tone and personal preference play a big part in the final decision.

Yellow gold is a natural product which provides a beautiful contrast against white diamonds and is favoured for being a more traditional choice whereas white gold is a less expensive substitute for platinum and a more modern invention. White gold is a man-made product where the yellow gold base metal is mixed with a variety of other metals to give it the instantly recognisable bright white colour. Against white diamonds, this creates a seamless flow of white between the diamonds and the metal.

As yellow gold is natural, it will never lose its warm tone, while white gold will gradually fade to yellow through time due to the alloys wearing off against the skin. Every few years, this can be re-plated with rhodium in order to look like a brand new ring.

Lot 174 in the upcoming Jewellery Auction on 23 September is a yellow gold half eternity ring set with baguette cut diamonds. Estimate £120 – £180.

Lot 182 is a cool-toned white gold half eternity ring of very similar design. Estimate £80 – £120.

With no rules about how your jewellery should be worn, why not mix and match gold tones to create a modern and unique twist on your style.

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Amy Cameron

Dedicated auctions of jewellery are held every three weeks. Come along to the Valuation Days at McTear’s on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week for complimentary auction advice.

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