Hunting Dogs and Mediterranean Landscapes Shine in the Auction Spotlight

‘Hunting Dogs’ by renowned British painter, James Ward (1769 – 1859), is unquestionably one of the most anticipated lots in the Britain & Beyond – Two Centuries of Artwork auction, estimated to sell for between £1,500 and £2,500.



Ward, who was regarded as one of the great animal and landscape painters of his time, was admitted for membership into the Royal Academy in 1811. His works are displayed in a number of prestigious galleries across the world, with his painting ‘Gordale Scar’ on display in Tate Britain in London.

Another prominent lot is ‘Capri’ by highly respected impressionist, Carlo Perandini. Born in Milan in 1899 he was captivated by the sea and the cliffs of the idyllic island in Italy’s Bay of Naples, which he depicted brilliantly with vibrant and complex colour.

While a prisoner of war, Perandini’s memories of Capri and its coastline remained, and prompted him to return and live there. He painted many other subjects on the island but his cliff views made his name and brought him considerable commercial success. His painting ‘Capri’ is expected to achieve between £1,000 and £2,000.

 The sale will also feature a number of Scottish landscapes including ‘Highland River’ by Alexander Brownlie Docherty, ‘Fishing at Pitlochry’ by Waller Hugh Paton, ‘Loch Fyne’ by George Houston, and ‘Rowan Burn, Callander’ by John Faed. Each work has an estimate of £300 to £500.



And for those who are drawn to portraits there are a number of particular interest, including ‘Arnold Marsh, Headmaster’ by Hilda Roberts which is estimated at between £500 and £800. ‘Portrait of Mrs Higginson’ by John Downman and ‘The Old Peasant’ by Willem Linning the Elder are both expected to sell for between £200 and £400.

The Britain & Beyond – Two Centuries of Artwork auction will take place on Wednesday 12 October.



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