Landscapes of Scotland | Paintings, Drawings & Prints, Autumn 2020

The Paintings, Drawings and Prints Online Auction demonstrates the range of interpretations of the Scottish landscape over the centuries.


John Hamilton Glass (1820-1885), Figures by the Water’s Edge, £50-100

Hamilton Glass is well known for his depictions of Scotland’s fishing villages and lot 478 is a fine example of the artist’s contribution to Scottish landscape painting. The coast is as important to Scots as the Highlands, demonstrated by the artist’s vast output in watercolour of the country’s east coast.




Scottish School (19th Century), Loch Scene with Cattle, £40-60

This opulently framed oil is a wonderful little example of nineteenth century Scottish landscape painting. Although unattributed, this picture follows the tradition of Scotland’s foremost landscape painters such as Alexander Nasmyth (1758-1840) with the layering of the foreground as the central arrangement flanked by the landscape’s natural vegetation and foliage.



Alexander Stuart Boyd (1854-1930), Flax Harvest in the Highlands, £50-100

In lot 502 we have a lively little watercolour by Glasgow artist Alexander Stuart Boyd. Having studied at the Glasgow School of Art, Boyd then worked with Glasgow Boy James Guthrie (1859-1930), on Charles Blatherwick’s novel Peter Stannor (1884) before becoming an illustrator for Punch. Lot 502 follows in the footsteps of the first phase of the Glasgow School with an emphasis on realism, showcasing rural labourers and workers in their own environment.





Louise Gibson Annand (1915-2012), Sunlight on the Moor, £40-60

A more abstract take on the Scottish landscape is represented in Louise Gibson Annand’s Sunlight on the Moor. Exhibited at the Paisley Art Institute Exhibition in 1969, lot 514 is a wonderfully atmospheric depiction of changing light over the moor’s barren landscape.


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