Liquid Gold

When combined, something magical is produced for both whisky and coin collectors alike. A coin beautiful enough to be displayed that, quite literally, encapsulates the history of Scotland’s magnificent nectar.

Gold coins are often kept in darkness under lock and key, whilst 'liquid gold' is often showcased in beautiful bottles and kept in glass cases for all to admire.

McTear’s is incredibly proud to offer a true rarity in the luxury investment industry, a fine gold 2oz Whisky Coin in the upcoming Coins & Banknotes Auction, 18 March, lot 24. 

This stunning coin contains a drop of the world’s oldest whisky, Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862, encapsulated in the centre which is bordered by engravings detailing the whisky production process. Weighing 2oz, it has a diameter of 36mm and was created as part of the ‘Spirit Coins’ collection created by Lux Coins and three of the world’s top mints. The Whisky Coin is in collaboration with Perth Mint and is a limited edition of only 300 coins created. Although a beautiful display piece, this coin is also legal tender to the value of 50 Tuvalu Dollars.


Estimate £5000-7000.


The whisky itself was distilled in the Scottish Highlands during the steam age which saw the introduction of steam powered vessels; a revolutionary new form of transport. The bottle of this elusive spirit was courtesy of British collector Sukhinder Singh and has featured not only in Spirit Coins but a collection of Whisky Watches in collaboration with Louis Monet.

This is the ultimate luxury investment for coin and whisky enthusiasts alike and this ‘true rarity framed in gold’ ensures that a nip of whisky can be enjoyed by all for centuries to come.

Also included in the March Coins & Banknotes Auction is The Rum Coin, lot 28, which contains a drop of the world’s oldest rum, Harewood Rum 1780. This coins also by Lux coins and the Mint of Poland. Also limited to 300 pieces, this is legal tender to the value of 100 Barbadian dollars.


Amy Cameron


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