Longcase clocks, carriage clocks and a mystery!

Not one of the largest auctions by far, but The Clocks Auction in July serves up a fabulous variety of clocks and timepieces.

The auction, that starts at 5pm on Tuesday 21st July, commences with a run of longcase clocks then, at lot number 258, we come across an EARLY 20TH CENTURY SPELTER JUNGHANS MANTEL CLOCK in the form of an elephant, otherwise known as a ‘mystery clock’. Originally inspired by the work of the 19th century French magician and clockmaker Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, the first Mystery Clocks were designed for Cartier. This version, not of course by Cartier, was however inspired by them. Made by German manufacturers Junghans, these ‘swingers’ or mystery clocks were modelled as, not only elephants, but Cleopatra and Roman Goddess Diana, along with Zebra and Bat Boy.

The auction continues with a lovely variety of mantel and carriage timepieces, with special mention going to lot 261, a SILVER AND TORTOISHELL PIQUE WORK CARRIAGE CLOCK. Retailed by Edward & Sons, a seller of so many fine works of art, this clock could be snapped up for £400-600.

The remainder of the auction features many more longcase, mantel and carriage timepieces, cased in brass, wood and enamel. Only one clock is cased entirely in glass, it is of course lot 276, the ART DECO LALIQUE 'INSEPARABLES' PATTERN TRAVEL CLOCK. Beautifully decorated with two pairs of snuggled up budgerigars, at £400-600, it’s not too expensive, but on the other hand, it’s not too cheep!

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