Luckenbooth Brooches: A very Scottish Jewel, Sell with McTear's, Glasgow

The Luckenbooth is a Scottish motif that has featured in objects including jewellery for over three hundred years. The Luckenbooth motif is one that primarily incorporates a heart shape as its main body, mostly topped by a crown. In addition, heraldic motifs can often be seen alongside many decorative design features. They were generally made in silver although some exist in silver gilt and occasionally gold. It is thought that the term Luckenbooth comes from the fact that brooches featuring the motif were sold from locked booths near St. Giles’ Kirk in the late nineteenth century. These interesting items of adornment are often referred to as having talismanic properties. Although details differ throughout literature on the subject a recurring theme is that Luckenbooth brooches were pinned inside a child’s petticoats by the mother in the belief that they offered protection against evil spirits. If you have a luckenbooth that you wish to sell or any item of jewellery contact or pop in and see us office hours.


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