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Gemmology in its many forms and for different purposes is a very complex and difficult discipline. Gemmologists that work within the jewellery sector play an important role in the trade of gems. These scientists identify hundreds of different gems and can determine when in the world they formed, usually over thousands of years. Not all gems are formed in nature, however. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires have all been created in laboratories since the late 19th century. Usually chemically identical to their natural counterparts, these stones can be made using a number of methods. In 1902, Auguste Verneuil developed a way of creating sapphire crystals.

Since that time, several other methods were created by other individuals, all of which result in gems with good colour and very good clarity. Lot 1 in the Jewellery Auction on 29 August is a created sapphire and diamond ring, a wearable piece that is sure to perform well.

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Sarah Cotter

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