McTear's and the Philadelphia Bangle.

McTear's are delighted to have a rare Philadelphia bakelite bangle in the upcoming July Jewellery Auction taking place on Sunday 3rd July at 1pm. Bakelite was developed by Dr. Leo Hendrick Baekeland and patented in 1907. It was a breakthrough in the field of early plastics as all previous inventions could be melted after their original moulding. Bakelite was different as once moulded it will not melt again. The product was used so widely in the early twentieth century it is said that it would be difficult to list many industries that did not use it. In the 1920s the American fashion for bakelite jewellery was huge and although most households were filled with bakelite items it is bakelite bangles that survive today in the highest numbers. However, this relates to solid bangles and not to the hinged variety which are far rarer. Source: Bakelite Jewellery, Grasso, T. 1996 If you would like to consign to one of The Jewellery Auctions please call us on 0141 810 2880 or email

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